5 Proven Ways To Recover From Exercise Faster

There is no doubt that exercise and physical activity can be stressful for your body. The physical demands placed on our body during training sessions initiates the stress response, consumes a substantial amount of energy and fluids, and, of course, contributes to those tiny muscle tears that we intend to grow back stronger and more powerful. It's for these reasons that we need to make sure we're fully recovering between sessions, in order to make the most of our workouts. And while there are a multitude of ways to promote a faster recovery (both proven as well as… not so much), we’ve rounded up 5 proven ways to help your muscles recover from exercise faster.

1. Rest. That's right! Sleep is hands down the most important aspect of recovery. Deep, restful sleep elicits the release of a hormone that both boosts muscle mass as well as helps repair our cells and tissues. Conversely, a chronic lack of sleep can impair the body’s inflammation reaction, making it much harder to recover from a strenuous workout. Though many people might fall into the trap of wanting to try the newest fads when it comes to workouts, diets and recovery methods, without a doubt the easiest and most important piece of the puzzle is getting around 7-9 hours of restful sleep each night. Make this a priority!

2. Nutrition. Eating a well-rounded healthy diet ensures that you are providing your body with all of the energy it needs to get through those tough workouts as well as what it needs to recover as fast as possible. As we mentioned above, exercise has a way of depleting our energy stores, particularly carbohydrates as the muscles use glycogen for energy. This means that, for recovery, it is important to replenish those stores in the form of carbohydrates post-workout. Another great post-workout addition? Protein of course! Adding protein to your meal or snack after exercise gives your body exactly what it needs to begin to repair the muscle fiber damage and begin the process of rebuilding itself stronger. Don’t forget to rehydrate, either! All of the systems of our body need sufficient water to function optimally, and your muscles are no exception. 

3. Mobility Exercise. Mobility work is an important part of a well-rounded exercise regimen. Better mobility translates to better movement not just in your workouts but in your everyday life. Adding mobility exercises or a mobility routine to your schedule a few times per week can go a long way towards shortening your recovery time from more strenuous workouts, decreasing your risk for injury and strengthening your overall body awareness. Mobility work and stretching encourages blood flow and better circulation, meaning fresh nutrients are delivered to your muscles to help them heal and recover after a strenuous training session. Good circulation is an often overlooked aspect of preventing or easing muscle soreness. Plus, the increased flexibility that you can enjoy with mobility work can help you maintain muscle and joint function, further helping your ability to recover more quickly.

4. Foam Rolling. Foam rolling is a technique for self-myofascial release (SMR). SMR works by reducing tension and tightness in the tissues and muscles- and foam rolling can help with a whole host of things both pre and post workout. You can add foam rolling to your pre-workout routine in order to get your blood flowing and warm up cold muscles; you can incorporate it after your workout to ease inflammation and aid in the recovery process, and you can use it on your off-days from exercise if you’re feeling extra sore. Boosted blood flow brings with it those important nutrients like a fresh supply of oxygen and glycogen to tired muscles. The faster your muscles can make use of these nutrients, the better equipped they are to begin the recovery process to both rebuild and grow.

5. Supplements. Not all supplements are created equal, but some supplements most definitely make difference when it comes to shortening your recovery time between workouts. This month, I will be sharing with you the release of my new supplement line, Essentials By Amoila. One product in particular is called Myosedate, our comprehensive support for healthy muscle relaxation. With Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Lemonbalm and Skullcap, this natural formula is powerful enough to assist with muscle recovery after exercise as well as promoting calmness during occasional stress and anxiety. Calcium and Magnesium also support healthy muscle contraction and relaxation and help reduce fatigue. This product includes patented forms of these two minerals, uniquely designed for maximum absorption and bioavailability. And soon, you will be able to add this to your recovery toolbox! 

Recovery between workouts should always be one of your top priorities and these 5 proven ways to recover from exercise will have you back to the gym faster and feeling better!

Okay, which one of these do you already do, or plan on incorporating first?  Head on over to my Instagram and leave a comment anywhere telling me so, and share this article with a friend that may benefit from it!

Keep steady, enjoy the journey and love yourself harder,


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